SMT Manufacturing


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The explosive growth of high-density SMT packaging has had a major impact on companies that design and manufacture electronic equipment. As market pressures make it necessary for designers to pack more features into smaller volumes, they strongly influence choices of IC package style, PCB design, material selection and manufacturing processes.

MindShare Courses On SMT Manufacturing:

Course Name

Virtual Classroom

SMT Manufacturing
3 days

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SMT Manufacturing Course Info

You Will Learn:

  • How to assemble and test high-density SMT assemblies
  • What happens to in-line PC board inspection if the solder joints aren't visually accessible?
  • Board fabrication through assembly line processes
  • How to design and manufacture your electronic assemblies
  • How to control product performance and quality when contract manufacturing

Course Length: 3 days

Who Should Attend?

  • System/Circuit Design and Packaging Engineers
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout Engineers
  • Manufacturing Process Development Engineers
  • Quality, Reliability & Test Engineers
  • Managers and other members of the Design/Manufacturing Team

Course Outline:

  • Board Design and Layout Guidelines for Manufacturability
  • Issues of PCB Design and Layout for High-Density Pin-out Configurations
  • Conventional Packages
  • Integrated Circuit Trends
  • Emerging Packages: BGAs
  • Future Packaging Directions
  • Student Participation
  • Board Fabrication and Printing
  • Component Attachment and Robotic Assembly
  • Soldering
  • Soldering Considerations for Fine Pitch and Ultra Small Solder Bricks
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning Issues of Advanced Packages
  • Quality, Vision and Repair

Recommended Prerequisites:

A fundamental understanding of electrical testing of today's PCBs at the bare-board, production line and functional test levels.

Supplied Materials:

Textbook: "Surface Mount Technology Manufacturing Principles and Practices," by Robert J. Hanson. Also a variety of boards will be displayed to illustrate concerns of testing bare-boards. Videos will be presented showing methods of performing clam shell and flying probe bare-board test. A variety of populated PCBs and videos will be used to reflect the concerns of testing PCBs with today's high-density requirements.