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MindShare’s SAS Architecture course provides a comprehensive understanding of the Serial Attached SCSI interface. The course covers all aspects of the standard, primarily from a hardware perspective, and compares the usage model of SAS with other enterprise interface designs. Practical examples of the discovery process, transactions on the link, and error conditions help provide a great introduction for those new to this material. MindShare’s established background in legacy platform design, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the latest bus technologies, provides rich insight into the SAS design and results in a superior training experience. This course will provide the kind of in-depth information, example implementations, and practical guidance that will give your team a running start on working with SAS.

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Comprehensive SAS
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Comprehensive SAS Course Info

You Will Learn:

  • The basics of the serial interface
  • System topology considerations
  • How connections are built and handled
  • How the SAS infrastructure handles different protocols
  • The responsibilities of each design layer
  • How problems are reported and handled

Course Length: 3 Days

Who Should Attend?

Our target audience for this class is design or validation engineers working on an RTL-level, chip-level, system-level or system board-level design. Although the material is hardware oriented, software engineers can also benefit from seeing the big picture.

Course Outline:

  • Background
    • SCSI
    • Fibre Channel (FC)
    • Serial ATA (SATA)
  • Introduction to SAS
  • Usage Model: Comparing SAS, SATA, and FC
  • Introduction to Architectural Layers
    • Physical
    • Phy
    • Link
    • Port
    • Transport
  • Expander Devices
  • Application Layer Responsibilities
    • Discovery process
  • Transport Layer Responsibilities
    • SSP and Error Handling
    • STP
    • SMP
  • Port Layer Responsibilities
    • Call Center Routing Model
  • Link Layer Responsibilities
    • Primitives
    • Serial Support
    • Connections
    • Arbitration
    • ACK/NAK Protocol
    • Flow Control
  • Phy Layer Responsibilities
    • Encoding, OOB, Initialization, Resets
  • Physical Layer Responsibilities
    • Differential signaling
    • Inter-Symbol Interference and Compensation
  • Enclosure Services Management

Recommended Prerequisites:

A basic understanding of SCSI is recommended but not required.

Training Materials:

MindShare’s SAS Storage Architecture textbook
Author: Mike Jackson
Publisher: MindShare Press
Available through the MindShare Store and major bookstore outlets.


SAS Storage Architecture