NVM Express Technology eLearning Course

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NVM Express Technology eLearning Course

Instructor(s): Mike Jackson
Number of Modules: 8
Subscription Length: 90 days

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NVM Express Technology

What's Included?

NVMe eLearning modules
(unlimited access for 90 days)
PDF of Course Slides
(yours to keep, does not expire)

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Who Should View?

This in-depth course is designed with the hardware or software engineer in mind. The course contains a detailed description of the NVM controller interface, the submission queues, completion queues and how software and the controller communicate with each other.

Course Outline:

  • Part 1a: Intro to NVMe
    - Discusses the motivation for NVM Express and gives a brief overview of PCI Express config space
  • Part 1b: Intro to NVMe
    - Covers the interface (registers) for NVMe controllers
  • Part 2a: NVMe Basics
    - Goes through the Admin Commands defined for NVMe with examples (e.g. Create and Delete IO Submission Queue, Create and Delete IO Completion Queue, Get Log Page, etc.)
  • Part 2b: NVMe Basics
    - Continues going through the Admin Commands defined for NVMe with examples (e.g. Identify, Abort, Set Features, Asynchronous Event, Format NVM Command, etc.)
  • Part 2c: NVMe Basics
    - Covers the NVM command set (e.g. Read, Write, Flush, Compare, etc.)
  • Part 3a: NVM Architecture Details
    - Provides a detailed account of the NVM Controller registers and the format of Submission Queue and Completion Queue entries; Also discusses command arbitration
  • Part 3b: NVM Architecture Details
    - Discusses controller initialization, reset, queue management and the purpose and control of interrupts from an NVM controller
  • Part 3c: NVM Architecture Details
    - Covers the features of NVM controllers; Also goes over Power Management from a PCIe perspective as well as from the controller point-of-view; Finally discusses error reporting and recovery
Course Modules
Part 1a: Intro to NVMe36 minutes
Part 1b: Intro to NVMe54 minutes
Part 2a: NVMe Basics34 minutes
Part 2b: NVMe Basics37 minutes
Part 2c: NVMe Basics21 minutes
Part 3a: NVM Architecture Details37 minutes
Part 3b: NVM Architecture Details21 minutes
Part 3c: NVM Architecture Details30 minutes