Fundamentals of ARM Architecture

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Fundamentals of ARM Architecture
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Fundamentals of ARM Architecture

Instructor(s): ARM Instructor
Number of Modules: 6
Subscription Length: 90 days

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Fundamentals of ARM Architecture

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Who Should View?

This fundamentals course is a great start for any hardware or software engineer looking to get a base understanding of the ARM architecture. Topics range from the ARM instruction sets, processor modes, architecture profiles, instruction pipelines, bus interfaces, software development environments and much more.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Introduction to ARM
    - Provides an introduction to ARM the company and the ARM architecture (processor modes, register set, instruction set, etc.)
  • Module 2a: ARM Processor Cores
    - Discusses the ARM architecture v4, v5 and v6 cores
  • Module 2b: ARM Processor Cores
    - Covers the ARM architecture v7-A/R, v6-M, v7-M and Secure cores
  • Module 3: ARM System Design
    - Describes the AMBA bus, AXI, APB, etc. as well as the debug logic of ARM cores
  • Module 4a: Writing Software for ARM Processors
    - Introduces the ARM software development tools as well as provides a discussion of exception and interrupt handling in ARM
  • Module 4b: Writing Software for ARM Processors
    - Goes over some topics for embedded software development like compiler optimization options, scatterloading and more; also mentions some ARM development targets (development boards and fast models)
Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction to ARM56 minutes
Module 2a: ARM Processor Cores22 minutes
Module 2b: ARM Processor Cores22 minutes
Module 3: ARM System Design18 minutes
Module 4a: Writing Software for ARM Processors17 minutes
Module 4b: Writing Software for ARM Processors19 minutes